Let’s Relax Silom Edge, First Upcycling Spa

Let’s Relax Silom Edge, the first Upcycling Spa, is committed to environmentally conscious design by carefully selecting decorative materials. Despite its modern theme, the spa embraces the ‘Circular Design’ approach, focusing on ‘Up-Cycling’ materials. This emphasizes the use of materials that undergo various processes to bring unused materials back into the cycle of reuse without compromising quality or composition. These materials have not undergone industrial or chemical processing that could negatively impact the environment, with minimal chemical use. The concept is rooted in eco-design, with a focus on waste reduction, extending lifespan, and enhancing efficiency in reuse. This approach aims to minimize environmental impacts throughout the design, production, use, and post-use or expiration phases.

The spa’s environmentally conscious choices include brick walls crafted from recycled materials leftover from construction. The reception corner is designed using 3D Cement Printing Solution-Extrusion, offering an unusual, large, and spacious appearance. The beautifully arranged red walls feature a Fores pattern, and fabrics and pillows are produced as a special edition using upcycled materials. This ensures that every element of this branch exudes a unique blend of modernity and futurism while remaining inherently natural.”