Business Overview

Thailand’s Leading Spa & Wellness Company

The first Spa Company to be listed in Stock Exchange of Thailand. Founded on 28th November 2001 to operate a health spa business. Currently its authorized capital is 213.75 millionBaht and 213,749,982 million Baht was paid up.
Siam Wellness
Group Plc.

SWE 99.99%

Siam Wellness Education

Registered Capital 1,000,000.00 THB

Operates a business of Thai massage training school

SWR 99.97%

Siam Wellness Resort

Registered Capital 6,000,000.00 THB

Operates a boutique hotel resort and restaurant

SWL 99.99%

Siam Wellness Lab

Registered Capital 3,000,000.00 THB

Operates a business of the distribution of spa-related products


Siam Wellness Group Plc.
(“Company”) or (“SPA”)

Operate a health spa and wellness business divided into 4 Brands