Policies Corporate Governance

Having realized that good corporate affairs can lead to enhancement of the operation and powerful and sustainable growth of the Company which will benefit all parties concerned, namely employees, investors, shareholders and other stakeholders, the Board ofDirectors, whom is the leader of the Organization, have therefore adopted policies to better corporate governance.

Such polices cover the structure, the roles and responsibilities of director and the principles of transparent management of the organization that can be audited that can be used as guidelines for management of the organization to ensure fairness and carefully consideration of the best interests of shareholders and all interested parties and adapt to Good Corporate Governance to meet Long Term Objectives that create sustainable Business Values complying with the expectation of Business Sector, investors, stock market and society under the rules of SET’s Principles of Good Corporate Governance 2012 under 5 sections and under the rules of SEC’s Corporate Governance Code for listed companies2017 under 8 Sections which cover:

under 8 Sections which cover

  1. Establish Clear Leadership Role and Responsibilities of the Board
  2. Define Objectives that Promote Sustainable Value Creation
  3. Strengthen Board Effectiveness
  4. Ensure Effective CEO and People Management
  5. Nurture Innovation and Responsible Business
  6. Strengthen Effective Risk Management and Internal Control
  7. Ensure Disclosure and Financial Integrity
  8. Ensure Engagement and Communication with Shareholders

Policies on Corporate Governance